TouchNavi is an interactive navigation system which can help you to navigate through the mall, exhibition center, business center or another public place in a most convenient and easiest way.

The system's intuitive, user friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use the catalog or map to find information you need or to calculate the route to the place you need. Interactive map, completed with quick search, includes icons of all major facilities, such as ATMs, restaurants etc. You can also find more detailed information about the map's object on a separate page. In addition, map allows you to see the traffic on the roads and to plan your route to home and your schedule.

TouchNavi also allows you to place ads on the interactive screen, such as multimedia banners on all pages, screensavers in standby mode. Information about discounts or special offers can be placed in the catalog and search engine. You can also print discount coupons and promotional material.

All content management is centralized with TouchNavi server. At the same time, TouchNavi information kiosk may not have an Internet connection because you can update information in offline mode.

To operate TouchNavi you don't need any special equipment, system can be installed on standard information kiosk or touchpad equipment. API TouchNavi allows you to view all the information on the mobile phone (TouchNavi application) or on corporative website.

Interactive navigation system is a universal reference tool which allows visitors to navigate through any place more quickly, and allows owners to provide visitors with all necessary information, to show ads and to manage the flow of people.